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Pink-Pound Header Intro

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(Made using Photoshop's CS4 3D capabilities)

During my stay in UK working for Kyosei Systems, one of my tasks was the design of mascot, logo, CSS and graphics for 'The Pink-Pound' web site. A free business listing page focused in the gay market.

Pinky Evolution


Together with the different concepts I drew for the logo, there was this character like an animated pound in pink color. He was chosen also to be used in the whole web site with different poses, identifying the pages contents, as icon for the companies categories, dressing like the different jobs, etc.

Page Test


Having clear from the begining that the page should be mainly pink, I tryed different fonts and colors for the logo, also tried different backgrounds to get a good general image of the whole site.

Pinky Poses


I worked in the mascot creation with different poses, the logo and the main design of windows, boxes, CSS, etc. Creating templates for the web site's dynamic content.

Page Test



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