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The 'End Homophobia' Campaign

Ending homophobia is a global concern, and people from every country are playing their part. Kyosei Systems are just a small team of web developers, using such skills and resources as we have, to make a contribution.

About Homophobia

Homophobia is a fear, which takes many forms. It can be a real fear of outright hate: of name-calling and bullying; of prejudice and hate. In some countries it can be a fear of state persecution and death.

But wherever you live, homophobia is being experienced by your friends, by your relatives, by your colleagues. maybe even by yourself.

It is a fear of being different, of losing friends, of being a disappointment to family. It.s a fear of losing everyone who is important. It results in shame, loneliness, isolation; in secret relationships, self-hate, self-harm, depression and suicide.

Wearing a Wristband

It is a cycle that all of us can help to break. Wearing an .End Homophobia. wristband is a visible sign to your children, parents, brothers and sisters, school mates, work colleagues, church associates, drinking buddies and friends that you have no prejudice, that you will not tolerate prejudice.

Kyosei Systems. small contribution is to buy 10,000 wristbands a year to give out for free at Gay Pride events across our own operating countries . UK, Japan and China. also given them to schools, university GLBT societies and other groups. But that still leaves another six billion people who are not wearing a wristband!

Demopic4So if you want to take part, you can get a pack of ten wristbands on e-bay for a nominal fee to cover costs; or if you want hundreds or thousands you can get them for cost price plus postage (contact us directly).

Together, let.s make a difference!

Take Part

Homophobia is complex, and not easy to explain in a few words. But unless we all understand the feelings, the situations, the results. it will be with us for ever.

Help people to understand by explaining your own experiences. Ask questions and give answers.

The 'Sharing Experiences' forum is for you to share and learn. whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or really not sure at all. If you care, take part. If you want to understand or help others to understand, it's up to you to take part.

Without your contribution, this web site has little meaning.

Around the world there are lots of activities, events and resources to help fight homophobia. Tell everybody about them! Events which heard about, resources found helpful, things doing yourself...

You have an 'Activities, Events and Initiatives forum' right here: let everyone know!